What Really Works for Long-Term Learning?

Stop highlighting!  Likewise, no more underlining, rereading, summarizing, or cramming for tests!  Research shows that these study techniques are just not useful when used by themselves.  But if these typical strategies don’t work, what does?  Well, Liberty Harbor knows and has long known, and developed a Spiral Education for this very reason.  The education gurus call one aspect of Spiral Education ‘distributive learning.’  This means that learning should be stretched out over a longer period of time, distributed, dipping into material at intervals of time.  The longer the intervals and the more repetition, the longer material will ‘stay learned.’  A second learning method, ‘practice testing’ is rated as high-utility as well.  This means using frequent quizzes and tests requiring the recall of information which strengthens “knowledge and aids in future retrieval” says Anne Murphy Paul in her article “Highlighting is a Waste of Time: The Best and Worst Learning Techniques.”  Liberty Harbor and Spiral Education are already teaching this way.  Why not contact us today?

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