Profile: Ryan Rexford ’11

Currently: Aspiring College/High School Academic Professor and current Substitute Teacher / Administrative Assistant

In life it seems as if there are moments and people, we are inherently bound to encounter. One may not know it in that present time, however with reflection one can come to such a conclusion. The moment in which I would select my incoming course schedule for my first academic year at Southern New Hampshire University would be that such watershed moment.  While toiling with the prospect of choosing a college major (your choice of major will place you within a certain paradigm), I decided to enroll within a history course invariably to allow myself the pleasure of attending a course intended to invigorate as well as one that would garner my interest. That course if you’re following instinctively was a Dr. Cooper (Western Civilization II) general introduction course, and my decision to enroll within that course would directly change the intellectual composition of myself, for the rest of my life.

Self-discipline, personal accountability and the tiring pursuit of excellence were merits found within the History program chaired under the stewardship of Dr. Cooper, traits which are true to be found within Liberty Harbor Academy as well. Dr. Cooper’s tireless pursuit of answers and constant pleas to always ask questions, most specifically (why?) laid the ground work for ones introduction within the world of critical thinking. Without the ability to ask questions one could not find it feasible to form connections between events, ideas, personalities and philosophies that shaped Western civilization from the beginning of time.
Throughout the institution there was not one professor who could mirror her professionalism, preparedness, charity and overall knowledge of their subject and other worldly knowledge. The Spiral Educational method is not one solely based within intellectual and educational betterment, but developing one as a productive member of society, ready and willing to accept and excel at any task of which they encounter. Often some of the most important lessons I have learned throughout my many years of education from Elementary through University, are those not often taught in lectures or found in textbooks. These lessons are those of often long forgotten social etiquette. Simple acts such as removing words such as, “like, um and ya know”, from your speech patterns thus allowing you to speak clearly and articulate your point properly, “picking up your feet while walking”, thus not alerting all those around you of your oncoming presence in a negative light.
In short the academic program cultivated by Dr. Cooper is not purely what it seems to be, nevertheless the Spiral education program is a life changing, life cultivating, immersion one must experience to truly enjoy and benefit from. I could not envision myself as the person I am today without the tutelage of Dr. Cooper. I am truly grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to enroll within her courses. As for others who may be indecisive about this decision, I would say there is only that which you can gain from doing so.