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Weekly Camps at Liberty Harbor Academy!

Each camp experience takes place Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  Snacks and fresh air breaks are included.  Please pack a lunch.  The cost per camper is $199. Descriptions of each camp are below the schedule.

Summer Camps

Currently there are no scheduled summer camps.  Please let us know if you are interested in any of the camps below.


Camp Descriptions

Games of Strategy

It’s your move!  Understand the role probability plays in winning.  Learn how to use battle tactics in your every day discussions.  Participate in and develop your own internal decision making processes while increasing situational awareness as we introduce you to varieties of chess, classic card games, and more!

Oh Yes You Can!

Learn powerful reading techniques that simultaneously increase reading speed and comprehension.  Develop a more creative writing style and explore ways to overcome writer’s block.  Take notes in a way that will help you study for tests and exams and acquire a powerful way to store and recall important information.  Participate in this learning experience and become a super student!

Forensic Science

Do you love solving mysteries?  Participate in discussions relation to crime scene investigations, analysis of hair and fibers, fingerprinting and DNA analysis.  Put your skills to the test and solve a theoretical case!

Princess Charm School

For aspiring princesses!  Discuss the importance of saying “please and thank you”, practice poise and presence, and enjoy snack time while learning important table manners.  We will also have a craft project each day, making items that every princess should own!  On our final day, take the stage and model your favorite fashion look!

Leading Roles for Teens

A series of workshops and activities designed for teenagers to learn about how a society functions well, the importance of treating people with respect, the teen’s role in society, valuing others, and living with integrity.

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Please use this form to register for Liberty Harbor Academy's Weekly Camps. For any questions, please contact LHA at (603) 296-0939. Choose the camp you would like to attend. Please make sure you choose the correct week as all camps are held on multiple occasions.
  • Camps run 9-5 Monday through Friday and cost $199/attendee.
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  1. July 23, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    Great to see that someone has accepted the challenge to educate young people about manners, elocution, and the like. Saw the blurp about Summer Camps in Katie McQuaid’s UL column today. Kudos to you!!!

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