Profile: Steve Yeaton

Currently: Executive Team Leader, Target

I have been reflecting a bit now that I have been out of school for a while. I have landed my first salaried position because I was able to articulate my thoughts and demonstrate my abilities through professionalism and a genuine curiosity. I’ve written a few paragraphs describing my experiences and just wanted to say that just because I didn’t always speak up in class (which I still regret!) doesn’t mean I didn’t absorb the lessons you taught me. I hope you take my words to heart and I thank you for all that you have taught me. The professionalism you insisted on was more valuable than I have ever anticipated.

“Like most college freshmen, my orientation consisted of picking a major. You mean I have to decide NOW what I want to do for the rest of my life?! Naturally, I initially chose business as a field of study as I considered it to be necessary if I ever wanted to work for a well-respected company or run my own business. I was wrong. I was bombarded with facts and information that I could just not translate into practical real world applications. I became bored and coasted through many of my freshman courses. It was not until shortly after I was advised NOT to take Dr. Cooper’s Western Civilization class that I learned what education was all about. I was ready for a challenge. I had to see why so many people were afraid of these courses.

From day one, my mind was blown. I was strangely relieved to see the amount of red ink and the big “C” on my paper for the very first time. I realized I was finally going to learn something, and if not, at least I would become well read—and a productive member of society in the process. I read works that I had never guessed I would be reading from Aristotle, to Marcus Aurelius and his “Meditations,” to Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” My mind was hungry for more. The Spiral Education program taught me what it was truly like to think for myself and how to follow my own moral compass. For me, a traditional education did not satisfy my intellectual needs. The process of education now actually intrigued me; it became a more professional approach to bettering myself. Not only did I want to learn, but I also wanted to learn how to learn and why I should learn. I quickly recognized that authorial intent was virtually insignificant; and that the process of critically analyzing these important works would be a beneficial skill regardless of my future profession. You have to be able to question everything and assert your opinions with confidence. With the guidance of Dr. Cooper and the Spiral Education system, these inherent skills will surface if you truly believe in them.”

Thank you again,

Steve Yeaton