Profile: Patrick Trouve

Currently: Pursuing a career in Public Relations

Throughout all the education courses I have taken I have rarely, if at all, been held to a higher degree of professionalism than in the classes I took with Dr. Julianne Cooper. The respect that Dr. Cooper demands and her teaching methods foster a professional environment and facilitate a classroom where more is expected from every students. Students are required to think critically and offer insightful answers that, where in an ordinary classroom, the easy answer would be more than adequate.

Dr. Cooper’s classes have rules, most implemented to maintain a degree of respect and courtesy between teacher and student.  But one rule in particularly, her mandate that students do not use the phrases “like”, “um”, and “you know”, holds special importance for me. Her strict enforcement of this aforementioned rule molds students into an articulate, professional communicator thus providing them with basic skills that will ultimately aid them in employment opportunities and especifically in the interview process.

By refraining from using terms like “like”, “um”, and “you know”, you immediately sound more intelligent and well-spoken, characteristics imperative to maintaining a professional demeanor in any professional setting. The constant correction from Dr. Cooper upon speaking these words forces students to think deeply before making comments in class and limiting their speech to coherent, intelligent, and valid arguments and opinions before adding to a classroom conversation. I also make a point to display the same professional tendencies expected of me in Dr. Cooper’s classes in all of my other classes. By doing this, I am, in a sense, practicing and reinforcing these professional behaviors so as to not stray from them in any situation.

I truly believe that this rule, among other policies learned formally and informally through Dr. Cooper’s classes, will definitely transcend my schooling and carry over into my professional life. Learning to speak in a professional and eloquent manner gives an immediate sign to employers, and anyone deserving of respect for that matter, that you have great regard for that individual and are prepared for the real world work environment.