Homeschool Support

Liberty Harbor Academy is a private academy teaching the Spiral EducationTM Method at the college level.  LHA serves high-school-aged students as well as those seeking a more encompassing education experience.  Liberty Harbor Prep, for middle-school-aged students will open in September of 2013 and will also use the Spiral Education Method of curriculum instruction.   LHA has designed a program to allow homeschoolers to take advantage of some of the courses available to full-time LHA students.

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Participating Agency

According to HB545, if you homeschool a new student or have moved to a different district, you must obtain a letter of acknowledgment from your school district or private school serving as a participating agency.  Liberty Harbor Academy is a participating agency.  To learn more about the participating agency requirement you may visit:  A $50.00 processing fee is required.   Click here to download the Liberty Harbor form to register us as your participating agency.

Certificate of Completion

Perhaps you would prefer your child seek math instruction elsewhere; or maybe in history or science. Homeschoolers may join our full-time students for one or more classes within the Liberty Harbor curriculum. While only our full-time students are eligible to receive a diploma, those wishing to enroll part-time qualify to receive a certificate of completion for successfully completing coursework and satisfying all requirements out-lined by the course instructor. Core classes such as math, science, history and literature, meet two times a week for 90 minutes.  Tuition is $750.00 per course per semester except for the full-day course in Professional and Community Development which is $1200.00 per semester.   Students enrolled in one or more classes have full access to our library.

Click here to see our current course offerings.

Portfolio Consultation/Evaluation

A portfolio is an effective way of demonstrating the type of education your child has had and what resources were used in giving him or her that education.  In the state of New Hampshire, parents are required to keep a log of reading materials and a portfolio of the child’s work related to the homeschooling program for at least two years after the instruction is completed.  The portfolio is the property of the parents; the superintendent cannot require that you submit it to the district for review.  The staff at Liberty Harbor can assist you with selecting appropriate samples of your child’s work to include in the portfolio.  We also have a certified math evaluator on staff. Rates vary depending on the level of need.  Smaller projects (up to 10 hours) can be figured at $30 per hour.  If the project requires more than 10 hours, a customized package and rate will be negotiated.

Private Tutoring & Lessons

Our Home-School Program Coordinator offers personalized tutoring at Liberty Harbor Academy and small tutoring classes for those needing extra help.  Please contact LHA for a consultation to determine your needs.

A La Carte

LHA offers a variety of Programs and services to the general public.  Please feel welcome to utilize our resources!  We host monthly seminars, summer and vacation camps for children, local, national, and international field excursions; and our facility rental fees are very competitive and ideal for meetings and educational instruction.

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Tuition and Fees

Service Basic Price
Letter of Acknowledgment $50.00
Semester Tuition: 90 Minute Course $750.00
Semester Tuition: Professional Development $1,200.00
Private Tutoring: Basic $30.00/hour
Portfolio Evaluation $30.00/hour
Mathematics Evaluation $30.00/hour


Registration is available online.  Last day to register for classes is January 14th.  After January 14th, please call to see how we can best meet your education needs.