Financial Aid meetings

The Liberty Harbor Board of Trustees is becoming far more active than it has in the past. With Steve Mathieu at the helm, they are using their financial expertise to assess student financial aid, much as a college would do.

Every penny counts!

If you are interested in coming to Liberty Harbor, and you have already filled out a Preapp, the next step is to fill out FACTS (read more on the Application Process page) which is our Tuition Management system.  If you are expecting to need Financial Aid, your next phone call should be to call Legacy Financial Solutions at (603) 647-7166 to set up an appointment pending the FACTS Aid Assessment results.  

This process is designed to be an objective view of the family’s ability to afford Liberty Harbor, and to work out what is possible in terms of financial aid.  Jean Esslinger, our Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, is excellent when it comes to financial strategies and tactical thinking.

We know that most educational loans are geared towards college level education, and so Mrs. Esslinger will work with families to creatively come up with solutions that work for everyone.

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