Engrade support

For Parents, Students, and Teachers using Engrade, please use this link: www.engrade.com

For help setting up a new account, please get your Access Code from Rico McCahon.  Once you have your Access Code, follow the directions below.

1. Go to www.engrade.com and click “Login” near the top.

engrade 1

2. Instead of “Login”, you want to click on “Join Now!” which will bring you to the next screen.

engrade 2

3. When it asks which type of account you would like to create, click student (unless you are a parent setting up your own account to monitor your child’s progress).

engrade 3

4. The Access Code that you received from Rico McCahon should now be entered in the appropriate box.  Click next once you have entered that code.  After this, you will be prompted to set up a standard account with username and password.

engrade 4

5. Welcome to Engrade for Liberty Harbor!