Beautification Project

The classical orders of Greek and Roman columns inform both the environment and the academics at LHA!

Liberty Harbor is not just a school, it is a whole environment. To that end, a new Board of Trustees member, Julie LeDoux, is going to be working with us on Wednesday through Friday of this week to help figure out better ways of arranging our space. As many of you know, one of the major challenges is simply storage space. Creativity is demanded to make the best use of our space.

If you have been interested in helping out at Liberty Harbor, want to find out more, or just have an interesting intellectual conversation (you never know what will come up in the halls of LHA), let us know to expect you and we will appreciate your helping hands Wednesday through Friday.  We don’t have a strict schedule at the moment, so the more warning you can give us the better.

There will be cleaning, imagining, and rearranging, so the more hands the better.  And there is really no better opportunity to find out more regarding Liberty Harbor on account of the close interaction between environment, architecture, and academics.  You will leave having had a mini-class on spatial arrangements.

We hope to see you there!

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