Tuition & Fees

As a prospective member of the Liberty Harbor Academy family, we know that the resources required to enroll your student is a major consideration.   Due to the generosity of anonymous donors, we are often able to offer tuition assistance to qualified students of Liberty Harbor Academy.  We will also work with your family to create a payment schedule that is accommodating to both your family and Liberty Harbor.

To begin the financial aid process, please register through FACTS.  FACTS, in addition to managing tuition payments, also assesses family need and will help us find a financial situation that makes Liberty Harbor a realistic and affordable possibility.

Once you have registered through FACTS, we will be able to make an offer that works for your family and the school.  If you are serious about finding a solid education for your student, call us at 603-296-0939 to discuss how to make Liberty Harbor Academy possible for your son or daughter.

Do not hesitate because you think you can’t afford it!


Investing in Your Student

  • Standard tuition for Academy: $9,500.  Standard tuition for Prep: $7,600.  Multiple children beyond the first are billed at 3/4 tuition.
  • Estimated Book & Supply Package – Approximately $500/year
  • Application Fee – $50
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks (Available on the premises) – Catered lunches available at $5
  • Commuting Expenses (Free parking for students)
  • Required Attire (Dress code consisting of white dress shirt/blouse, tie, dark skirt/slacks, sweater/jacket, polishable dress shoes.  Full dress code available.)
  • Field Trips, Extra-curricular Activities

Many People Invest in Your Child’s Liberty Harbor Education

The tuition cost does not cover the full expense of a Liberty Harbor education.  While we intentionally keep our tuition costs lower to make Liberty Harbor Schools more affordable, we seek funding from foundations, private donors, hold fundraising events, and rely on individual gifts to support our work with your children.

A “Big Picture” View of Paying for LHA

Liberty Harbor recognizes that there are many options for your child and the cost involved is no small matter. This chart may help you with understanding the position your child will be in upon leaving LHA and the advantages they will have over the “typical” route.

The chart does not include the likelihood that LHA studests will be well prepared for the professional world or highly competitive should they opt to continue on with school. We anticipate that LHA students will be in demand at higher paying jobs immediately on graduation and so these numbers may be quite conservative.

The chart illustrates the cumulative costs of education and expected income over a ten year period. It compares four years of LHA followed by six years of gainful employment to four years of public high school followed by four years of college and two years of gainful employment.

Ten Year Comparison

Schedule of Payments


Application Fee
Enrollment Deposit
Remaining Tuition through FACTS

Due Date

Upon Application
On Acceptance
Monthly payments

* Payment plans are available through FACTS.


Tuition Reimbursement

Liberty Harbor will reimburse families 75% of the unused tuition should a student leave the school due to illness or family emergency (not including the application fee and acceptance deposit).