Frequently Asked Questions

What grades will be taught at LHA?

LHA will teach grades 9 through 12 (7-8 will be taught in the Prep), though we use some different terms to identify where students are in the process.  There are possibilities for students to graduate early however, as we are more concerned with demonstrated skills and maturity than with bulk amounts of time spent in a particular grade.

Students enter into LHA in the Tuscan Order, then move on to the Doric Order when they have demonstrated they can operate within the parameters of the school.  The Doric Order is followed by the Ionic Order, which is attained by the demonstration of thinking and working critically with the sources available among other social expectations.  Within the Ionic Order, LHA students are expected to take charge of their education and begin shaping their investigation into their own futures.  Finally, the students will embark within the Corinthian Order, where they will prepare in earnest for graduation.  At this stage they are expected to be able to operate on an intellectual, academic, social, and ethical framework that will enable them to launch into their own lives after LHA.

Where is LHA located?

We are located near the DMV and old Shaw’s plaza in southern/downtown Manchester.  Our address is:

371 South Willow St, E2-2
Manchester, NH 03103

Why are you a private school and not charter?

Originally, we wanted to open a charter school. However, mostly due to the constraints on the state resources made available to charter school start-ups and our own requirements for Liberty Harbor Academy, we found that the only way to move forward in a realistic way was the form a private high school. We applaud and encourage the charter schools that are able to make it, even as we find it is not an option for LHA.